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Digital Avenues is hiring a User Experience Architect.

Come, join our team and let’s work together to build something awesome!

Who is this for?

Are you intrigued by the human mind? Do you wonder how digital experiences are designed to motivate users to take certain actions?

Do you see yourself create a compelling consumer journey that helps meet business goals?

Are you also?

  1. Self-motivated
  2. Willing to challenge and question the status quo
  3. Ability to adapt to change
  4. Speak your mind (don’t expect to be spoon fed)
  5. Fascinated by disruptive technology
  6. A team player

What you will do?

You will work on exciting ideas across different domains like music, travel, healthcare, productivity, education and social. You will also get the opportunity to interact with talented and successful entrepreneurs from across the globe.

You will be working on various apps and software in their initial phase (think ideation), understanding the client’s requirements (think Analyst), creating the skeletal foundation for brands by defining the user journey (think UX Architect)), detailing the software requirements and work with dev team (think Product Owner). Yes, it is a lot of work but more importantly, immensely fulfilling.

How do we work?

  • Remotely – this way we are able to ensure the brightest come together and boundaries are not a constraint.
  • Flexible work hours – we care about great work and not the hours you log
  • Non-hierarchical – we take pride in what we do and we all collectively take ownership of the work we do. And we celebrate together as well!
  • Strong Ethics – if you don’t have it, don’t even consider us!
  • We even love making mistakes and learn a lot from them.

Who we are?

We love working with the latest trends in the industry and to constantly update ourselves with what’s happening in the digital sphere.

Move towards being thought leaders alongside producing high-quality service.


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