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This iOS app assists travelers with frequently used phrases in 25 languages, whenever and wherever they need them. Audios by native speakers, flash cards, quizzes, and interesting graphics, makes it an awesome learning experience.

YPO Miami


This app notifies the members of the YPO Miami chapter about the chapter's events (event type, RSVP, venue maps) and allows them to manage their own event's calendar accordingly. It lets the members and the sponsors to stay connected. The member-spouses can also network through the app.



Easy. Simple. And extremely useful in breaking language barriers. Featured by Apple, Pretati is an interactive, video based language app for iPhones and Android phones with over 500 phrases available for 30 languages with scripts, video translations and phonetic pronunciation!!!

Table Pouncer

Food & Drink

Table Pouncer is a unique app that allows iPhone and Android phone users make last-minute bookings at unfilled tables at local restaurants at discounted rates.

easy Diner


The Junior Chef Challenge app is an engaging game app (iOS and Android) from Ed's Easy Diner. It requires users to complete eight recipes from the Ed's menu (which become increasingly difficult) by matching the right ingredients competing with the ticking clock.

Fun Matchers


Fun Matchers is an excellent tool (iOS) to teach Math, English, General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning concepts to children in Kindergarten and Grade 1, the fun way. There are 3 engaging activity levels with 15 games at each level.



Ghuppa is an engaging app (iOS) to inculcate healthy eating habits in children by making them enjoy the process of cooking and having healthy soups with vegetables. Fun facts about vegetables and ingredients are also shared. There are no rules or scores.

Ortho Keys


This is a handy iOS app to arm orthopedists with helpful resources to diagnose and respond to orthopedic conditions in patients. It helps them analyze x-rays, classify injuries, browse through relevant orthopedic journals and writings, and make clinical notes.

Johnson & Johnson


The user friendly interface of the Johnson & Johnson Wound Care Resource app (iPhone and Android) helps the user understand the type and condition of new wounds and identify the wound care products needed and also chart the healing process of wounds.

Channel AKA


The app of the music channel AKA lets both Android and iPhone users watch the AKA channel live on their devices, select the video they want to play and get latest news and updates from the AKA channel.

Via cord


The ViaCord Collection Companion App (iPhone and Android) is a customized, real-time tool to connect the Mom, the Birth Coach and ViaCord with checklists, notifications, news feeds, and contacts for a hassle-free, seamless cord blood stem cell collection experience.

Personal Beasties


The helpful iOS Personal Beasties app helps users gain control over their internal demons, stress and anxiety, through daily breathing exercises and desist from negative and irrational emotional reactions to triggers.

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