AdTheorent offers predictive targeting solutions for advertising.

Services: Web App, Enterprise Application , Back-End Architecture, Cloud Solution, System Development

Core Technologies: ASP .NET MVC

AdTheorent’s Architecture

AdTheorent is built on a loosely coupled, service oriented architecture. It also exposes APIs for 3rd party systems to consume.

  • Hosting

    AWS (EC2, S3, Load Balancers, SNS, SQS)

  • User Interface

    Angular, Bootstrap, HighCharts

  • Business Logic Layer


  • Transactional Databases

    SQL Server, Cassandra, PostgreSQL

  • Data Warehouse


  • Search


  • Background Services

    Windows service, Windows Task Scheduler, SSIS

  • API

    ASP.NET Web API / OAuth2.0

Our Involvement

Our team is tightly aligned with the evolution of AdTheorent’s technology and continuously stays abreast of current trends by reading industry publications, monitoring the industry’s environment and competitor blogs, as well as message boards. To help AdTheorent stay ahead of business demands, our team provided the following solutions:

  • Campaign Setup
  • Strategy Setup
  • Targeting
    • Point of Interest Targeting
    • Geography Targeting
    • Predictive Targeting
    • Ad-Exchange Targeting
    • Device/OS/Browser/Carrier Targeting
    • Audience Segments
    • Day Parting
    • Weather and Temperature Target
  • Real-time bidding monitoring
  • Tableau reporting integration
  • Managed Notifications
  • 3rd party Vendor Data Extraction tool
  • Transfer Strategic Data to RTB Engine